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acrylic on canvas

80 x 100 cm


Tartu, Estonia


"Butterfly Effect" 80 x 100 cm

SKU: 364215376135191
600,00 €Price
  • exhibited at:

    1) University of Tartu Library within the Tartu Prima Vista Literary Festival, spring-summer 2022

    2) Sofa Office @ Aparaaditehas, Tartu, Estonia, 2022 autumn -2023 spring. Opening night was held within the Aparaaditehas Gallery Night program.

    3) Noorus Spa Hotel 05.06.2023-05.07.2023

  • In Estonia: please contact me to agree on the collection of the painting. I can send it via Cargobus or deliver to you personally if possible.

    Outside of Estonia: Please contact me before making the purchase to get a customised quote for shipping to your location.

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